West Nile Virus
State Reporting Information

Be a West Nile Watcher!
Report all dead birds and squirrels to the California Department of Public Health.

West Nile Virus and Dead Bird online reporting
or at westnile.ca.gov

Why should you report dead birds and tree squirrels?
The State of California uses ALL reports to help identify "hot spots" of West Nile virus activity, even if the reported bird or squirrel is not tested.

  • Local mosquito control agencies received reports immediately
  • Local health departments are alerted of community risk

When reporting dead birds and squirrels, please provide the following:

  • Location of animal (city, zip code, street address or intersection)
  • Description of animal (color, size, and type)
  • Date found and condition of animal (intact, runover)

More Info


West Nile Virus and
Dead Bird Hotline

(877) 968-BIRD (2473)

or online at westnile.ca.gov