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Mosquitoes of San Joaquin County

Mosquito on skin

Aedes dorsalis
the brackish water mosquito

Aedes melanimon
no common name

Aedes nigromaculis
the irrigated pasture mosquito

Aedes sierrensis
the western tree hole mosquito

Aedes vexans
the inland floodwater mosquito

Aedes washinoi
no common name

Anopheles franciscanus
no common name

Anopheles freeborni
the western malaria mosquito

Anopheles punctipennis
the woodland malaria mosquito

Culex erythrothorax
the tule mosquito

Culex pipiens
the northern house mosquito

Culex stigmatosoma
the banded foul water mosquito

Culex tarsalis
the western encephalitis mosquito

Culiseta incidens
the cool weather mosquito

Culiseta inornata
the large winter mosquito

Culiseta particeps
no common name

Orthopodomyia signifera
no common name