Mosquito Control & Other Vectors
Legal Abatement

The District relies on local, state and federal statues to regulate excessive mosquito breeding on private and public lands. Using provisions of the California Health and Safety Code, the District can legally require property owners to reduce or eliminate mosquito breeding when it becomes a public nuisance.

Legal abatement of mosquito-breeding sources generally follows a three step process, whereby the owner of mosquito-producing land is:

  1. contacted and asked to take steps to prevent the occurrence of mosquito development and is provided an information sheet,
  2. if corrections do not take place a “Notice to Comply” is issued, and
  3. if the condition persists, and the problem is not corrected, the District can initiate legal abatement proceedings per §2060 of the California Health and Safety.

Additionally, the District provided mosquito prevention Best Management Practices (BMPs), for the reduction of mosquitoes in rice fields to 17 rice farmers in the County. The District also provided “Waste Pond Vegetation Management” recommendations to 301 agricultural and industrial waste pond owners/operators.

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